Why Waist Shapers Are A Womans Best Friend

shapewear-bottlecurve.comYou might be wondering to yourself what  the big deal is about these waist cinchers or waist bottle curve trainers, whatever people are calling them these days, and why the hell women love them so much.

Well, let us educate you on the awesome facts and affects about the nation wide loved waist cincher.  Besides the fact that it literally revamps the way you look and feel (and Kim Kardashian has been featured in one) there are some pretty nifty things you may not know or understand about this awsome thing they call a waist trainer..cincher…well you get my point.


One of the best things about having a waist trainer is the conveince it provides for you to loose weight long term and short term.  The cincher can either assist you when you are working out in the gym with gymclothing or help you shed lbs while sitting in a chair.  The way it works is through thermal fusion insulation, the cincher creates thermalized heat around your mid section to eliminate fat.  The compression of the cincher also allows your body to mold in that figure eight sillouette while doing chores around the house or picking up a dumbbell.  The waist cincher is a perfect way to loose weight when you have a hectic schedule with staff meetings, babysitters, and spouses.  It literally will do the work for you if you are willing to wear it, how cool is that.


The waist cincher is extremely durable and tough.  They can last you up to 2 years if you don’t shrink right out of them.  They are made of the finest latex and spandex providing the upmost support and durability.  Because it is made from such a stable material the experience of loosing weight will double.  The fiber in the material forces an upright position causing your midsection to train itself to tuck in.  Your appetite will decrease dramatically due to the cinched material around your midsection preventing you from overeating and expanding your stomach.

Figure eight:

Lets not kid ourselves every women wants to look sexy and that is exactly what the waist cincher offers you.   Whether you want it to be an optical illusion until your transformation or work out with it until you become the figure eight.  From Halle Berry to Kim Kardashian every woman wants that exotic figure and it can be yours just by putting on a a cincher.  Sure you can spends thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to get that same build, but for the regular people out there trying to live day to day this is the solution!  Not only does it give you a figure immediately it transforms you perminently.

The waist cincher is one of the most saught after accessories for a women, form Marilyn Monroe to Kim Kardashian. These are just some of the reasons women love the waist cincher.  Its fast, easy and convenient in the  world we live in today and who doesn’t want that!

Can Waist Training Turn You Into Kim K?

http://bottlecurve.com/A lot of people know of corset training, but they are not familiar with what it does. The common knowledge of the waist trainer is that you put it on a couple of hours a day and it causes you to lose weight.  Well, this is very true, but there is a lot more to it and much more you can get out of it if you know what it’s used for and how to work with it.

The first thing about a waist trainer is that…well it trains your waist.  That is its primary ability, yes you can lose some weight if you desire to, but if your sole purpose is to get an hour glass shape, then that is precisely the reason you want to buy one.  Waist trainers have been around for years and have honestly supplied us with the iconic vision of the hourglass shape for women.

This is why a waist shaper is the best, they allow you to train your waist into that iconic hourglass shape!  If you naturally don’t have that body type well this is the safest, cheapest, and quickest way to do it.  You can even accelerate the process by purchasing a waist trainer you can work out in.  The beauty of it is that it doesn’t take effort on your part you just put it on for a couple of hours and your training your waist into that ideal figure.

If your goal is to lose some weight in the process this possibility is higher because of the restriction you have on your waist line, so basically it will be almost impossible to not lose inches around your waist line.  This is due to the thermal fusion that is generated around your waist every time you put on the waist trainer.  So if you think about it you’re getting two results with one product, and this is if you don’t exercise or eating clean!

When it comes to waist training it is definitely a win win situation!  Try one and see how you like it, you can always return it if you’re not satisfied and get your money back, which is highly unlikely. Also remember to be safe and know your size to get the maximum benefit out of your waist trainer.

Waist training is fun and extremely easy, and most importantly you will see results!